Gallery 2018 – Animals to Athens

Here is a selection of non-human friends i made on the way to Athens in 2018.
Some were loved, some were stray, some asked for help and some only came to say hey.

*A huge thank you to my girlfriend, Marianne, for taking some wonderful pictures**

Like what you see? check out more animal pictures in my gallery; Jungle Pups.

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27 thoughts on “Gallery 2018 – Animals to Athens

  1. This has to be the cutest post I’ve seen in a while! I’m seeing dogs a lot today actually lol. My students love them so I added it to my recent lesson plan, they absolutely lost their minds. I will definitely share a few of these with them next week 🙂 Thx! And hope the trip was filled with amazing adventures 🙂


  2. Aww! How cute are they!! This wonderful pictures have literally made my day and got a super refreshment. I was missing my dog today, who is now with my parents but now I am feeling so happy. Thank you so much.


    1. Thank you! Unfortunately Greece isn’t the only country with strays. It appears every country east of Hungary has a lot of stray animals 😔 but I gave as much love as I could! There are a lot of great people and organisations who do everything they can too 👍😁


  3. Lori Roach

    You are clearly an animal lover! I love how you captured the sweet nature of each of them. I have a weakness for dogs, especially strays (I’ve adopted four so far) but the kittens and turtles were fun to spot! Thank you for this – made my Friday morning!


  4. I loved all your photos! You’ve made so many dogs happy with just a pat and a biscuit! We humans can learn so much from a dog’s philosophy of life. I don’t normally subscribe to blogs but I think I just might with this one 🙂


    1. 😁 The dogs made me happy by letting me pat and feed them! I was carrying roughly 1kg of dog food with me at all times for over 1000km on that trip 😅 No dog was left unfed! I 100% agree with the dogs philosophy…they’re such loving and kind creatures.


  5. Kevin And Jade

    I adore these photos. When I was in Athens, I don’t recall seeing very many animals but then I didn’t really go anywhere other than the port in Piraeus and the tourist-y areas – even though I know that I was missing out on a lot.
    [I was working on a cruise ship though, so really couldn’t stray too far away.]
    I love the shot with the turtle. Which of these photos is your absolute favourite and why? 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Athens is a lovely city right! Ah these guys I met were on the way to Athens, so that included Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania and Greece! Wow working a cruise ship sounds pretty awesome…

      God that’s a tough question. I think my favourite is me with the little dog in my lap with my crazy tan lines showing. The little guy was all alone in an abandoned industrial estate and was scared to approach at first. After some patience and some treats he was comfortable enough to squeeze through the gate and come for a cuddle. I looked at the process of adopting strays and taking him with me but unfortunately I was unable to do so 😔.


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