A Little About Me.

So, I am an English guy. A self proclaimed friend to animals with a small group of human companions. I was born in the 90’s, I went to school and attempted college. I had to drop out after a rough year and spent a while unemployed before a few years jumping between jobs.

Finally I caught (or at least I thought I caught) my big break with a career in the automotive industry. But it turns out the automotive industry is a place to pay my bills, not a place to feed my soul!

So now I am trying, with some degree of success, to also fill my world with more experiences worth sharing and talking about.

To date I have visited 33 countries and toured just over 11000km around Europe on my bicycle.

I have set myself a life goal to never have visited less countries than my age. So by the time I turn 70 i should have visited at least 70 countries!

If you are curious here is a list of countries I have visited:
(in chronological order from memory)

-England (I was born there but it counts!)
-The Netherlands
-Vatican City
-Czech Republic

To hear more about some of my adventures, click here!