20,000 Kilometers of Canada

**please be patient, this page is image-heavy and may take time to load! its worth it though.

In 2017 I bought a one-way ticket to Canada. I flew from London to Calgary in late September and spent 10 days with a rented truck. I was staying with a good friend in Banff and we took a road trip to Vancouver before she left on her own travels.

I bought a cheap 15 year old mini-van with a bed in place of the rear seats and set off. I drove a total of 20,000 Kilometres, wandering and weaving my way from Vancouver to Halifax. Along the way I made friends and many memories. The experiences I had and the people I met made Canada special to me. (I even managed to persuade one to be my girlfriend and follow me back to Europe!)

Someday I may write this story in more depth. For now, the pictures can do the talking.

Mountain Views.

Lakes and Rivers.

The Coast.


The Road.


The Rest.

I hope you enjoyed my snippet of Canada!

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