A Short Tale of Biscuits.

Biscuit was a mouse. Like most Mice, Biscuit would probably have looked cute in a picture. Like this:

Image: pexels.com

Cute, right? But take the mouse from the picture into your place of work and all of a sudden he’s a considered pest.

And so the Story begins. There were Mice at my place of work.
Exactly how many? Who knows, but I encountered 2.

Sadly even after proposing humane traps, a pest control Company turned up. Poison was laid and everyone continued with their day.

(There is a happy ending to this, I promise)

Before the end of the week a mouse was once again spotted. This time however the mouse did not run away upon being found.
To conclude this section of the story a mouse named Biscuit had eaten some poison. Its nasty stuff so I wont go into details. But Biscuit was buried at home in my garden after work that evening.

Biscuit ‘2’

Fast forward a day or two and some similar events occur. A mouse was found at work who did not run away. Much the same as last time I grabbed a small box, put on some gloves and gently coerced the mouse inside. Much the same as last time I loosely placed tissue into the lidless box for some comfort and added a biscuit from the coffee area. (This is how both Mice gained their name)

In my story at least, Biscuit 2 is female.

I suspected that she would also succumb to the poison. But when it came time to clock out, Biscuit 2 was still breathing. What surprised me most was the little moused size chunks missing on one corner of her namesake biscuit.

I grabbed a lid for the box and once at home I upgraded the biscuit for bird seed. Everyone knows mice love bird seed.

Biscuit 2 did not look in the prime of health. I left the box on a raised surface in our garden and decided i would check back in an hour or two.

It was my mum who later asked me what I was going to do with the mouse that was in a box in our garden. My reply was probably something somber along the lines of ”I’l bury ’em soon” to which her reply was ‘Well why would you do that? Its eaten some bird seed and had a nap. I don’t think its gonna die!’

I could hardly believe it. Biscuit 2 looked alive and well! Her eyes were wide and her whiskers twitching but strangely enough she hadn’t jumped out of the box.

So once again Biscuit 2 came for a ride in my car. This time however with a lid on, and our destination was a wide open space in the form of a farmers field that backed onto a nature reserve. This had to be better than some dingy building next to a train track.

I pulled the lid from the box and a very lively face was there to greet me.

Look at how much more life is in this picture!

I lowered the box to let the newly revived mouse jump out, which she did. But Biscuit 2 did not jump all the way out, instead she jumped up to the corner of the box, and decided this perch was suitable to have a sniff and a quick clean.

My hand was still under the box as I lowered it down to the ground a second time, thinking maybe now she’ll jump and make a dash into the tall grass. She did jump, but not to the ground. It startled me at first and i’m 99% sure I made some indistinguishable startled noises. But Biscuit 2 had jumped onto my wrist and swiftly ran up my arm.

I calmed down a bit after registering that Biscuit 2 had not gone for the jugular and hadn’t bitten me at all. I could however feel her by my neck.

I stood slowly and somewhat nervously, then used selfie mode on my phone to see what was going on. I probably would be smiling a bit more had my heart been beating a little less than full throttle, but this is what I saw:

She was just chilling! It shocked me that a mouse could be so tame and friendly.

I couldn’t let her live in my hood though so I gently scooped her up once more to put her down in the field, only to be met with yet another surprise…

Biscuit 2 began licking my fingers! This affectionate little devil forever changed how i looked at wild animals. I never really imagined a mouse could have such a personality.

I set her down into the field. The moment her feet touched the floor those instincts kicked in and she took off into the long, swaying grass. I left a small pile of birdseed where I set her down and enjoyed the fresh air and the evening sun on the walk back to my car.

It may have even been that moment I realized that I want to somehow dedicate part of my life to animals, wild or otherwise.

Every living creature is special in their own right. I learned that first hand from Biscuit 2.

For more of my animal adventures, please click here!

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