Peruvian Pups.

All dogs are puppies. No matter how big or how old. To me, all dogs are puppies.

In 2017 I spent some time in the Peruvian rain-forest at a retreat centre. At the centre were quite a number of dogs. I think most of them were ‘stray’ so to speak. They were loved and fed, but they were the ‘centre’s dogs’ rather than ‘someone’s dogs’. They were happy pups, getting love, affection and if they were lucky, some left overs from the visitors (or pasajeros as we were called). They were free to play, sleep, and come or leave as they pleased.

I was only in the jungle for 10 days, I could have stayed a lot longer. But in those short days I (of course) made friends with all of them.


However, there were two pups in particular that I shared a special connection with.

Their names were Donna (left) and Pluto (right). After a couple of days they became my shadows. They followed me wherever I went. To be honest I loved it. If anything it solidified it to me that I must have canine companions in my life.

This was a little experiment I conducted on my second or third night. The conclusion was clear – Donna and Pluto were going to be my Peruvian Puppy Companions.

When I say they followed me everywhere, I mean everywhere.

If I ate they would curl up at my feet or sit just beside me.

The story was the same where ever I sat down…

I couldn’t go to sleep without them trying to get into my bed, and If I didn’t let them inside my hut then they would sleep just outside the door. Usually, after multiple failed attempts, they would settle for the floor.

Reading and writing became quite the chore..

And I couldn’t even take a shower in peace!

They were a pair of dorks and I completely fell in love with them. If staying in the rain-forest wasn’t interesting enough then these guys truly completed the experience!


Of course all things must come to an end and it was time for me to leave the jungle.. It was a hard goodbye for me. The pups were still sat with me as I waited for my tuktuk to take me away. Donna even tried to jump in next to me when it arrived.

I was wiping away tears as we pulled out of the retreats wooden entrance, crossing the stream and heading down the sandy path that led out of the jungle. To this day I still miss those pups, I would love the opportunity to go back and see them some day. Maybe they would even remember me…

On a final note, here is a picture of me in my element; barefoot in the jungle surrounded by animals.

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