3600KM to Portugal

My second bicycle adventure.

This trip would see me ride off the Ferry in Roscoff, France. Follow the western coast all the way down into Spain, up and over the Spanish mountains and finally into Portugal.

3600 Kilometres, Three countries, Two wheels and a whole bunch of pedaling.

My destination would be a lake in Idanha-a-nova, a municipality in Portugal that holds a very cool festival once every two years; Boom festival.

Here is my journey there:

#01 – Here we go again!
#02 – Cycling Buddies
#03 – The Irish Interlude Part 1
#04 – The Irish Interlude Part 2
#05 – The Irish Interlude Part 3
#06 – ”Train-Shame”
#07 – The Oscar Episode
#08 – Sunstroke
#09 – The End of France
#10 – Spain = Hills
#11 – Oh Deer…
#12 – El Camino de Santiago
#13 – Clouds and Whiskey
#14 – Cathedral to Coastline
#15 – Portugal
#16 – Camping Wild
#17 – Drawing Closer
#18 – Two Months In
#19 – BOOM!
#20 – Heading Home

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More can be found out about boom festival on their Wikipedia.