1850KM To Oktoberfest.

This trip was my first cycle tour, my first time travelling and my first solo adventure.

The journey would take me from my front door, to Adinkerke in Belgium. From there I would cycle up to the Netherlands, across into Germany and to Munich for Oktoberfest.

#01 – The Preparation
#02 – My First Solo Ride
#03 – Brussels and Beyond
#04 – Rotterdam
#05 – Seven Nights In Amsterdam
#06 – Next Stop: Deutschland
#07 – Four Weeks, Four Countries?
#08 – One Month In The Saddle
#09 – Back On The Rhien
#10 – Frankfurt
#11 – 1000 Miles
#12 – Four Days
#13 – Oktoberfest!

Feeling Inspired? If you’re thinking about your own bicycle trip, check out my Tips and Tricks for traveling by bicycle!

Want more? Check out my second bicycle tour: 3600KM to Portugal

A list of my other adventures can be found here!

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